Introducing Capex® Stratagio™

As a smart professional, smart tools are a must. As Business Analyst, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive you wouldn’t be without your lap top and Blackberry.

Now there’s another smart aid for your tool kit. Introducing … Capex® Stratagio™.

Not just another number-crunching programme, Capex® Stratagio™ does just what its name implies. It strategises and evaluates your capital expenditure, financial analysis and business acquisition decisions for you. You still do the creative thinking – Stratagio just ensures you pick the best option and that your ideas really pay off on the bottom line.

The Capex® Stratagio™ provides a sure-fire checking system. Prompts ensure you consider all assumptions and alternatives and compare best business case practice before putting hard-won company capital on the line. And it provides powerful priority setting tools to help you establish priorities for “must-do” proposals.Stratagio™ enables users to do powerful risk simulations using its custom-built Monte Carlo risk assessment application. We used memory arrays to enable users to perform 10,000+ simulations in under 2 minutes ! We have fully automated sensitivity analysis, which takes less than 10 seconds and displays the results using Fusion ™ graphics.Naturally, credit for increased revenue, achieved savings, reduced overheads and innovative thinking goes to you.

Just like your laptop and Blackberry, Stratagio™ is easy to use with pop-up animations, voice over video guides and step-by-step prompts. Simply follow the prompts and this powerful tool does the rest. You’ll find your thinking guided steadily toward adding real value. Stratagio™ really is wealth creation at your finger tips.

Capex® also supplies a work-flow and collaboration tool that is integrated to Stratagio™ to eliminate paper work and streamline the capex compilation and approval process. Company members can track approval status on-line. This system enters approved capex into a database and reports approvals against budget. This Workflow software can either run on your company’s Intranet or we can host it on the Internet as a cloud application.