Software Objectives

As Peter Drucker says in Management Challenges for the 21st Century, “Until a business returns a profit greater than its cost of capital, it operates at a loss… until then it does not create wealth; it destroys it”

The objectives of Capex® Stratagio™ are :

- Promote the strategic use of capital resources to grow shareholder value whilst meeting health and safety, environment and customer service objectives.

- Provide highly automated, independently audited and extremely dynamic software to assist users with many different types of appraisals, while automating and integrating risk appraisal using techniques that reflect current best practice. These include Monte Carlo risk simulations and automated project sensitivity analysis.

Stratagio™ performs the analysis in seconds in terms of lease appraisals; many different business cases; asset lifecycle optimisation; repair verses asset replacement decisions; business valuations; appraising entire capex programs; depreciation forecasting, and many other business case applications. Displays recommendations along with truly impressive Fusion™ graphics.

- Automatically account for all depreciation and tax implications for all the above applications, based on country specific tax regimes.

- Integrate many enabling tools for users, to assist in the allocation of resources to best effect and for project risk assessment.

- Integrate best practice management policies, procedures and templates, so that these are accessible right at the point of use.

- Enhance quality standards in relation to capex proposals and business cases, through use of a system which generates many prompts and warnings if asked to.

- Fully integrate priority setting software tools for ‘must-do’ capex that typically generates no additional financial returns. This extremely dynamic system provides Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to enable clients to themselves customise this application to best reflect organisation specific key drivers.

- To provide on-line training resources and help tools to enable non-accountants to prepare expert business cases – with ease.

- To integrate a software module which enables team members to appraise business cases with ‘soft benefits’ such as improved customer service and other strategic drivers. Users develop business cases based on a ‘business model’ framework which considers resources / capability; processes; value proposition; customers; service delivery; and costs and benefits

- To integrate a dynamic workflow, collaboration and on-line reporting system to enable organisations to operate a paperless system, using the Cloud. Our clients save considerable time, because they can track the approval status of their proposals on-line. Management reporting including project approvals against budget is fully automated, and budgets can be created and managed across multiple years. This application warns team members of projects running behind schedule, and itself launches email messages. The client’s administrator can create many different types of workflows based on organisation hierarchies.