The Capex Team

What is Capex? Capex is a management consulting and software development company. Founded in 1997 the company has one goal – to provide our clients with the best available strategic advice and systems to manage capital resources.

Each Capex team member is an expert in their respective field. We provide a unique blend of finance, operations, project management and information technology expertise. To complement our small group, Capex also uses contract consultants on an as needed basis.

Every person representing Capex Stratagio is chosen because they have a particular set of experience and skills of value to our clients and the solutions we provide on their behalf.

Tony Street – Managing Director BMS CA ANZIM

Tony Street is a leading Australasian strategist and consultant on capital expenditure management. A chartered accountant by profession, he is well experienced in large-scale, high level corporate capex management and continues now as a consultant at the leading edge of developing world best practice in disciplined capex management.He has had much hands-on experience at senior management level in capital intensive industries. For example, in a former role with NZ Dairy Group, he was directly involved in all project management and capital expenditure decision making. During an intense eight years, in which the group undertook several large scale dairy industry amalgamation and expansion projects, Tony evaluated more than 4,000 proposals for capital expenditure.

A University of Waikato researcher who then compared the capital management processes of many New Zealand companies concluded that NZ Dairy Group was at the forefront. Some of Tony’s work at the time was published internationally in a text on the subject of capital expenditure planning and decision making. In 1997 Tony entered into management consultancy, forming a company called Capital Expenditure Consulting Ltd. In the next year he assisted a large and diverse range of clients in both public and private sectors. Then in 1998 Tony formed Capex Services Ltd with
Peter Mackay. Among other clients, they helped 12 of New Zealand’s 23 public hospitals with their capital management systems and with several large scale projects in the face of severe funding restraints then operating in the public health sector. Meanwhile increasing competitive pressures in the corporate field have also obliged corporates to find better and more disciplined ways of capex management. Capex Consulting was and still is instrumental in achieving much of this necessary change. Then in 2001 came a further step. Tony and a small team of IT professionals designed and developed a software application – now known as Capex Stratagio. Since its inception this valuable software product has been continuously upgraded to meet the varied and ongoing needs of medium to large sized corporates. Consequently today the Capex Stratagio stands as a world class calibre product at the very cutting edge of best capex practice. Importantly, use of the best available software, Stratagio is needed as corporate capital outlay decisions become even more crucial.

A recognised leading Australasian practitioner and strategist in capital resource management, Tony has the following areas of special expertise:

Areas of special expertise :

- Developing capital expenditure management systems and software
- Project management and project accounting systems – budgeting, forecasting & project accounting
- Property development feasibility analysis, financial modelling and leasing appraisals
- Developing innovative and value adding capital investment business cases
- Development and presentation of training systems to support the above disciplines

Jeff Jackson – Senior Consultant CA, CMA, FNZIM, Harvard AMP

Jeff Jackson has held four Chief Executive roles in large agribusiness organisations in New Zealand, including: NZ Dairy Company, Affco(NZ) Ltd, Fletcher Fishing and the New Zealand Wool Board. He was also the Chief Operating Officer for Via Lactia Bio Sciences. He has many years experience as a company Director for organisations involved in the IT,energy, fertilizer,textile and food industries.

Building on his experience as a CEO and Director his current focus is on improving business performance through the development of organisational capability and decision making.
In 2003 in association with Dr Marty Schimdt in Boston USA, he established Solution Matrix Pacific Ltd to assist clients in Australia and New Zealand to develop effective business case development processes. For the past 3 years Jeff has collaborated with Tony Street in developing a fully integrated software module for compiling business cases with strategic drivers. This module forms an important element of the Stratagio software application.Decision makers follow a structured process that requires scenarios to be identified. For each, impacts are considered in terms of Processes, Customer; Service Delivery, and Resources(Capability), and the Value Proposition. The qualitative assessment of scenarios uses a matrix scoring system. Decision makers can assess ‘soft benefits’ more objectively – particularly in relation to new business and customer service initiatives. Different scenarios can be compared in terms of alignment to business objectives.

Previous Experience:
- Chief Executive:
  NZ Dairy Group Ltd, Fletcher Fishing Ltd, Affco(NZ) Ltd, NZ Wool Board.
- Chief Operating Officer:  Via Lactia Biosciences Ltd, Morgan and Banks Ltd.
- Director:
Mercury Energy, Bay of Plenty Fertiliser, Excell Corporation, Datacom Ltd, Ballance, Wool Research Organisation of
New Zealand.Essentia Foods and Business Technology Group.

- Accounting: CA & CMA
- Management: NZIM Management Diploma
- Harvard Business School : AMP 86
- Institute of Directors
- Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

Peter Mackay – Senior Consultant AFNZIM

Peter Mackay has a background in the New Zealand dairy industry. He has had extensive involvement in capital projects within capital intensive industries over the last 25 years. Peter has held various senior executive positions, including the position of Senior Executive of Operations. He has also held the position of General Manager of a Waikato based coal mining and development subsidiary of New Zealand Dairy Group.

Peter has also held the position of Regional Manager of Horticulture New Zealand, and Manufacturing Manager and Director of Triodent in Katikati – one of NZ’s fastest growing exporters.

Back in 1998 Peter entered the field of management consulting, forming Capex Services Ltd in association with Tony Street. They both saw a need to assist the public health sector in the area of capital expenditure management with their
complementary skill sets as capex practitioners. They then went on to consult for 12 of the public hospitals in this area, as well as a large and diverse range of corporate clients. This consultancy experience was invaluable in terms
of developing concepts for Capex? Stratagio? software. They also developed an internet database to promote the marketing of industrial plant and equipment. It was the largest in Australasia at the time and was developed 4 years before E-Bay.

Peter has assisted a broad range of clients in the manufacturing, mining, forestry, and project management sectors. Many of these clients are in capital intensive industries.Since the development of the Capex? Stratagio? software 9 years ago, Peter has played a key role in working with corporate clients to understand their
needs and to facilitate on-going enhancements to the software.

Areas of special expertise :

- Project management and capital expenditure management systems
- Corporate Governance at Board level in private and public sectors
- Development of strategies for the management of change
- Management of the purchase of land, buildings & equipment
- Development of procurement systems
- Feasibility studies and asset disposals

Jiang Chengying – Software Engineer
Bachelor of Software Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology

Chengying has 8 years experience in developing and designing software in B/S and C/S environment. He has strong skills and a weath of experience in problem solving.

Areas of special expertise :

- Java programming : Apply Structs, Spring, Hibernate to develop web application under MVC model. Familiar with java applet and java swing, java communication technologies such as(socket,ftp,web service) and so on. He is competent in providing Web solutions and integrating different sub-systems by using webservice or socket interface.
- Programming in different languages : Familiar with java, VB,, Java script, html, lotus notes to develop various kinds of applications.
- Analyzing and designing skills : Apply UML to analyze the system requirements with Rational Rose or StarUML.

Simi Heric – software developer Bachelor of Technology majoring in Computer Science and Engineering

Simi is a software developer with two years experience with Network Systems & Technologies(Ltd) working for international clients such as Toshiba and Fujitsu.

She has gained good knowledge and experience in many programming languages including, C, C++, VC++, Win32, MFC and STL. In addition to this, she has undergone formal training in Agile and OOP methodologies , and has good knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle.

Azmi Yusok – Software developer MSC Computer Science
Azmi holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Western Michigan University in the US and a Bachelor of Computer Science degree also from the US.Azmi is a former senior lecturer in graphics and multimedia at the University Tenaga Nasional in Malaysia. He has had 5 years experience in the development of accounting packages and specialized software for freight industries in the USA.

Areas of special expertise :

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software
- Developing multi-dimensional CAD software
- Multimedia and graphical user interface applications